Bon anniversaire!

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It’s been a long time, but this week is special because it marks both my FOUR year anniversary with Los Angeles and my 31st Birthday. Yep, I turned 31. It’s hard to believe four years have passed here in L.A. There has been a lot of good and a lot of bad. But I’m glad to be here and I’m happy I came to be here. I’d be lying to you if I said it hasn’t been tough sometimes, but that shit would’ve happened in Denver, or Park City or New York or anywhere else. That’s just part of growing up. Many, many shades of grey begin to contrast the way black and white did so easily when you were young.

I wanted to start a post again though to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who reads Duchess, thanks for all your encouraging thoughts, notes and prayers during my surgery and recovery in March, and thanks for keeping me going on this journey. I’ve been so busy getting back to full health and working on scripts that I’ve neglected the blog.

So here is a selection of birthday highlights to enjoy and I promise to post more often. I have a lot of good things ahead this year, and I think you’ll be pleased with where this is going. I know I am.

long may you reign.




P.S. Birthday bash:

A smart man once told me to try the churos and champagne at his local dive bar. I was hesitant, but he had steered me into carrot cake at the Palm, so I gave it a try. SO GOOD. I never would've tried it, but yesterday on the drive home from work, this seemed like the perfect birthday treat back at the old dive bar.

Sarah stopped with me to get Veuve at the Four Seasons. And another churos and champagne from the Monkey Bar addict was created.

The waiter overheard the birthday talk and sent over Churos and a candle. Very sweet and a lot of fun. These churos are like no where on earth. Never had anything so good anywhere else.

Later, Dom, Chris, Sarah and I went to Chic for dinner. The duck was very good and the wine, plentiful.


Of course, what birthday party would be complete without Chris rubbing my belly to feel for the baby. It's his favorite joke.


My friend Princess sent me a lovely Freddie Mercury-esque cap and glasses in honor of me getting my pilot's license, thought they went well with the cake & outfit. Or I could fill in for the cop in the Village People.


That thing's about to explode! We needed the fireman from the village people around to put out the candles.


And of course, the best looking pilot around is Captain Betty Barks-a-lot. She is the cutest and most patient dog ever. She really hated the hat.



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