How To Be A Beacon Of Enhancement

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When you think of people you most admire, who do you think about? One of the things I love the most about our emerging society is that many of the most financially successful people and brands are also some of the biggest helpers out there. Think of Oprah, Tom’s Shoes, Bill and Melinda Gates… the list goes on and on.

“Be a lamp, a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepperd.” – Rumi

Old ways of doing business are obsolete. It isn’t enough anymore to make a buck, people want to make a difference. I felt a strong connection to James Altucher and his book, Choose Yourself, when I first read it because he shares this mission with his life. “Wake up every day with the motive of enhancement. Enhance your family, enhance your friends, your colleagues, your clients, potential customers, readers, people who you don’t even know yet but you would like to know. Become a beacon of enhancement.”

That’s my motivation. To be a beacon of enhancement.

Art from the Say Something Poster Contest byBy olivea pearl kelly Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Art from the Say Something Poster Contest byBy olivea pearl kelly
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


I want to make a difference. In the lives of my family and friends that I interact with every day and in your lives — whether I know you or have ever met you, I want you to feel inspired, encouraged and motivated to be epic and do good when you visit Duchess.

That was always my intent.

I even wrote a book about it and have another in the works.

It’s called Royally Awesome because I think each one of us has the capacity to be Royally Awesome.



My life is Royally Awesome right now.

It’s not royally easy. In fact sometimes it can be a royal pain in the ass, to be quite honest. But so way my other life. The life I led before doing work that didn’t inspire me for money. I love what I’m doing now. I get to work on marketing projects I love for clients that I really like to work with now. No more single boss. I get to choose each boss (well, client) and I only work with ones I personally like and ones that are committed to the same ideals and principles that I am. Sometimes it’s stressful because the money doesn’t come in like it used to, every week on the same day in a large chunk. But it’s so much more authentic and I believe that if I keep working hard, delivering great value and service to my many bosses and you, and love what I’m doing — I too will be epic.

I can’t encourage you to be your best if I’m not trying to do the same.

So if you want an inspirational, step-by-step 30 day guide to getting you started on a mindset shift, please support my efforts and buy my book here. It’s an eight dollar investment that should go a long way for you. If you don’t need it or want it, that’s fine, too — but do me a favor, leave a comment! It’s great to hear what you’re digging and if any of you are taking big risks to be epic.

I love the marketing and writing work I’m doing and I’m grateful to be on this journey with you.

If there’s anything I can do to be a lamp, a lifeboat or a ladder to your epic success, please leave me a comment or email me. One of my passions outside of ponies, planes and writing is HELPING. I love inspiring things and love to inspire.

May your week be royally awesome, dear friend!



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  1. Dominic Labriola
    February 3, 2014

    Lewis Howes, James Altucher, Jill Brown, Sasha Maxim, Zion Mizrahi, Ruben Rojas, Jeremy Bellotti, Aly Somani, Bethany Londyn, Greg Hickman, Sarah Livingstone, Nick Segal, F. Ron Smith, Richard Stearns, David and Dane Findley, Luis Pena, Chris Jares, Alyssa Dazet…. I can’t begin to name how many freaking inspiring wonderful people touch my life every day. I am so blessed to know you and all kinds of powerful and loving, visionary leaders. :)

  2. Jill Brown
    February 4, 2014

    You forgot Dominic Labriola! Love you, that’s quite a list of great people.

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