24 March

Making Peace With Alone

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Making Peace With Alone

Developing your solitude skills is as important as learning your social skills. Read on and make peace with being alone.

21 January
31 July

Conception of your Perception

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As many of you know, I’ve made it my goal for 2013 to get through the entire A COURSE IN MIRACLES book. It was my only goal at the start of the year, as I’ve heard it referenced so many times by other spiritual leaders and thinkers that admire. I figured I’d go to this […]

12 June


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There was a time many years ago when I woke up from a dead sleep at 2am to the sound of coyotes howling and cackling at their triumph of their night’s kill. Hard to believe that coyotes and deer still wander the Hollywood Hills but I have seen them both and heard them both, living […]